Wide range of bottles and cylindrical products

With artis 5000U, you can customize a wide range of cylinder-shaped products from 4 CM diameter all the way up to 22.5 CM diameter. And if you are focusing on small cylinders, artis 3000U pro pro allows you to print on products as small as 1.5 CM diameter.
artisJet cylindrical UV direct printers will enable you to have the one stop-solution for LED UV rotary printing and bottle LED UV printing.

All substrates and colors printing compatibility with great quality

Directly print on aluminum, stainless steel materials and other metallic materials, as well as the glass, acrylic, wood or carbon materials, candle wax etc. artisJet printers can assist your deliver to your customers with vivid color performances, seamless printing and accurate output results with a print resolution as high as 1440*2880 dpi.

From single order to mass customization cylindrical print

Based on your actual demand, the artisJet ROT360 print engine, the mass-customization LED UV printers will print as fast as needed. It will take 200 seconds to accomplish an 18CM tube with 360 print with small yet vivid texts in quality. Want to see how it works? Check out the video for Rotary Printing introduction.

They are working with the solutions

Liamoria a company focused on Individual and personalized gifts in Germany. Their individual wedding candles as well as baptism candles, personalized cups and pillows are very popular among customers. artisJet is thrilled to assist Liamoria to present their beautiful design onto the exquisite and lovable products.
“The print is high quality and the software is easy to use.” – Lindsey Rislow, owner of PEP Cosmetics, using artis 3000U pro LED UV printer for plastic cosmetics bottle printing, bottle caps printing, cosmetics lids printing. Discover her story here.


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