LED UV Direct Digital plastic printing is a system that digitally delivers designs and photos from the computer or mobile on all types of plastic materials, from acrylic, PVC to ABS and others, with high quality reproduction on flexible or rigid plastic substrates and its derivatives.

Plastic / PVC materials are resistant, flexible, durable and cost effective to produce and easy to print on. It has a wide range of applicability especially in digital card personalization.

Plastic cards are now far more than a basic photo or simple text on a regular business card. LED UV technology offers a variety of options that can be displayed on plastic cards with barcodes, magnetic stripes and RFID to allow a greater security and at the same time to serve as a marketing opportunity.

Choose plastic card printing to create something that reflects everything you do for your customers

PVC cards printing is a proven way to extend market awareness. Print on plastic cards and give to your customers creative, innovative, cutting edge and professional solutions regardless quantity.

Opportunity and Challenge for PVC Card Printing



Personalized or customized products like PVC cards can make people’s business more appealing to customers conveying trust, professionalism and care for customers. artisJet print systems supports any type of plastic direct printing in any shape. In addition, LED UV printing on plastics keeps a high anti – scratch level and durability as well, regardless the color and thickness of the plastic material. Get the key benefits of the artisJet LED UV digital plastic card print systems which deliver rich, deep colors that maintain their vibrancy.



Plastic cards are the boost for printing businesses, for market and brand awareness. Use plastic material to create a card that is distinctly yours. Think shape, plastic, vertical, horizontal, rounded and more! artisJet helps your business by providing equipment to create something that reflects everything you do for your customers.

Main market applications for the plastic / PVC cards printing

Plastic cards applications for digital direct plastic card printing are available in several options.

Variable data print is a form of digital printing on demand and adds a promotional code, sequence of letters and numbers, name or address to your printed items. With artisJet, changeable data such as card holder name, card number, card profile image or expire date can be printed with outstanding raised lettering and silvery or gold metallic effects.

PVC Key tags cards are an effective way of promoting a business and powerful items that can be achieved by LED UV direct printing in no time. It can be used for discount offers, membership cards with barcodes, product labeling, promotional products for tradeshows and many more.

Name badges and access plastic cards can be easily customized with designs and artwork of choice. Name badges and tags comprise a large variety of use such as luggage tags for trips and conferences, pet tags, hung badges, chest cards etc. The business value of passes permits printing for staff, special events cards, fitness centers cards or any cards can be maximized with raised lettering printing and strong color durability.

Customized small PVC standard cards such as business cards and gift cards are the boost for advertising your brand message and get business exposure with designed logos, images and other graphical elements printed on a variety of cards’ shapes and sizes with unlimited color selection, high shine gloss or matte finish.

Personalized large PVC signage cards can be used for interior or exterior purposes as trade show signage printing, directional signage printing, event signage printing or as door hanger signage printing. You can choose to print full color on both card sides at high resolution quality and sharp consistent color production.

Home based and start-up businesses

The best way to print on PVC cards is to use artisJet’s LED UV printers with specialized software. LED UV printers come with a variety of customized plastic card printing capabilities. You can opt for basic one sided PVC card printing for a home based business production and at the same time you can get the benefits of printing full color with graphics on both sides for large volume of PVC cards. On the basis of printing experiences, artisJet has been trying to offer the solution for a cost effective but also easier production method. artisJet LED UV technology replaces the outdated traditional PVC cards printing methods such as screen printing, stamping, sublimation or others, by giving anti-scratch results with high level of productivity and durability regardless the color and thickness of the plastic material.

Variable Data print solutions

Empowered by artisJet printers and artisRIP V.9.1 software, VDP is about on demand printing applications that can contain variable information without limiting the content and even graphics. Get the benefits of VDP economical solution for your business and learn more about artisJet VDP printing process.


Small operational size

It only requires one computer PC and a working table.


Easy operation

Print directly from the computer software.

Buyer cards, Security cards, Season passes, Wallet calendars, Check cashing cards, Event cards, Hospital cards, Luggage tags, Gift cards, Hotel key cards. artisJet ensures digital LED UV PVC cards printing solutions for your business by offering A4 and A3+ printing platforms. Choosing LED UV systems for card personalization printing purposes is an excellent option in terms of speed and production effectiveness as well as investment.

Choose the Best Printer for you

artisJet offers two professional LED UV printers, artis 3000 U and artis 2100 U. Both printers can meet the demands of printing direct to any substrate.


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