Complex card mass print made easy and simple at no cost

With the artisJet Proud industrial UV ID card printer, artisJet is launching the desktop-based yet heavy duty, cost-effective but reliable, high volume yet mass-personalization printer ID and financial issuance.

PROUD is dedicatedly designed for the high operation requirements of government ID cards program, laborious service bureau and large enterprises demanding. Equipped with the high resolution UV inkjet print engine, accurate automatic card feeding system and wide range of array of encoding options to meet a broad range of applications for different environments.

Empowered by the reliable print system operation, minimal maintenance, high-production capability, and all-around-consideration keeping the user in mind, artisJet Proud ID card printer boosts the card industry.

Experience the excitement with new technology

The most cost effective card production solution

Without compromising on printing speed and quality, artisJet Proud card printer will amaze you for its low to zero printing cost in your daily production. Supported by artisInk DTSAT4 ink cartridges, artisJet Proud enables you to print 8000+ pcs of M6 cards with one set of inks.

Keep your customers lighted with quality

Card photo quality and vivid colors

Pairing the best print quality with cost effective production, artisJet Proud is empowered with artisJet’s latest print engine for card printing, delivering a resolution at 1440 DPI with photo quality equipped with 3.0PL micro piezo inkjet and UV curing inkjet system. Anti-static electricity system is optimizing the ink drop quality and accuracy.

Fit your environments

A printer designed for any occasions your business values

Designed for any climate and environment, artisJet Proud is with a smart size fit for easier mobility.

Wide range of card printing possibilities for you

Flexibility to print on both card sides and in full color

Accommodates a variety of card applications personalization from ID cards printing, enterprise cards, visitors cards, event badges cards, RFID cards, smart cards, magnetic stripe cards (access control cards, library cards), QR code cards printing, to much more.
ID Badges Printing
RFID cards customization
Press ID cards printing
Event registration cards
Variable Data Printing VDP cards
Government ID cards

Get on board at a plug-play

Edge-breaking simplicity for mass card customization print

Being professional is not hard. artisJet PROUD printer is easy and simple to start with your 123 operation.

Empower your competence

Do more card materials, card sizes, and more card thicknesses

No matter what kinds of plastic cards, PVC, PC,PP,PET,ABS, OR PETG, no matter what types of card you are going to print, no matter what quality you need to print for your customer, PROUD will equip you to do it better, faster, simpler and easier.

Equipping you with more options

Compatible to RFID, VDP, and Integration

Automatic pairing system for accurate data combination from digital color printing to RFID data, data reading, data writing and data matching became easier as never before. ISO magnetic encoding is also available.

Release your hands for more productivity

Automatic feeding system with bleeding area cleaning

Accurate automatic card feeding system and wide range of array of encoding options to meet a broad range of applications.


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