artisJet direct printing on promotional pen items can increase effectiveness of your business production process, not only in terms of self-promotion but mostly for other businesses marketing awareness and branding solutions.

Add some color to your brand by promotional pen printing and give something new to your customers. Print directly on the pen, regardless the material: plastic, wood, bamboo, metal etc. and in any palette of colors.

artisJet LED UV technology offers a variety of options that can be displayed on promotional pens and at the same time to serve as a marketing opportunity.

Make use of pen printing to promote
brands and for stronger market awareness

Pen is widely used as a free promotional gift in exhibitions, promotional activities, enterprise stationery etc., by printing the company logos, slogans, contact information on pen barrel and pen clips just like a creative business card.

Opportunity and Challenge for Pen Printing



An easy but at the same time effective way of promoting a brand is by printed office stationery media: plastic/ABS pen printing, metallic pen printing, wooden pen printing, wooden pen holders printing etc.

artisJet print systems supports any type of direct pen printing in any color. In addition, artisJet LED UV printing on pens keeps a high anti – scratch level and durability as well, regardless the color and thickness of the plastic material.

Get the key benefits of the artisJet LED UV digital pen print systems which deliver rich, deep colors that maintain their vibrancy.



The digital printed text, logos, even images directly onto pens of any substrate using artisJet flatbed printers offers durable results allowing gradient colors printing with high adhesion and brightness. Achieve strong and durable results without quantity limit and enjoy the raised printing effect on all type of pens.

Main market applications for pen printing

Promotional and personalized ABS pens can be easily customized with designs and artwork of choice. Plastic pens comprise a large variety of use such as promotional items for trips and conferences. The business value of pen printing for staff, special events pens, bank promotional pens or any pen can be maximized with raised lettering printing and strong color durability. Moreover, creative stationery hang rope plastic custom logo ballpoint pens are suitable for any artisJet LED UV printer with high resolution printing methods to take your brand to another level.

Customized direct to wood pen printing is a powerful attractive and elegant tool for personalization industry and artisJet has the perfect solution in this direction. With artisJet LED UV printers ranging from A4, A3+ to A2+ sizes and the right accessories, you can print multiple colors photo quality, text and logos directly on wood pens with glossy finish.

A great idea to enhance the wood pen personalization business is printing on wooden pen holders. This way, the wooden pens become more than simple promotional items, it becomes a much appreciated gift for personal use.

artisJet direct printing on metal pens delivers elegance and fashion and is widely applied for high quality personalized gifts with logo printing. With artisJet pen printing solution, you can easily print not only on the pen barrel but on the metallic pen clip as well with strong durable detailed results.

Customized glue pens are the boost for advertising your brand message and get business exposure with designed logos, images and other graphical elements printed on with unlimited color selection, high shine gloss or matte finish, without the fear to affect the characteristics of the glue inside the pen.

Carbon paper pens or archival pens can be easily printed with artisJet LED UV printers at high resolution quality and sharp consistent color production without affecting in any way the pen’s ink features, as most of the carbon paper pens use pigment based ink.

Mid-sized businesses

From plastic pen printing to wood pen printing and more, artisJet LED UV printing platforms are the solution for pen printing on demand, speeding up the process and offering printing capabilities due to its many advantages that outweigh other forms of printing. Compared to other methods, artisJet digital LED UV direct printing on promotional pens or pens for personal use, provides consistency, variety, high quality and economical options for end users.

Choosing artisJet LED UV systems for personalization pen printing purposes is an excellent option in terms of speed and production effectiveness as well as investment.


Small operational size

It only requires one computer PC and a working table.


Easy operation

Print directly from the computer software.

Home based and start-up businesses

The best way to print promotional pens is to use artisJet’s LED UV printers with specialized software. artisJet LED UV printers come with a variety of customized printing capabilities. You can get the benefits of printing gradient color graphics, text, logo on both pen barrel and pen clip as well by using artisRIP software. On the basis of printing experiences, artisJet has been trying to offer the solution for a cost effective but also easier production method. The matched artisJet printing jigs for pens give the possibility to print multiple pens at one pass, even with different artwork at its smallest detail.

Choose the Best Printer for you

artisJet offers two professional LED UV printers, artis 3000 U and artis 2100 U. Both printers can meet the demands of printing direct to any substrate.


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