Being professional becomes easier

Business-boosting and people-helping tool

With keeping in mind that you might not know much about professional software, the artisJet Workstation enables you to print directly from Photoshop, CorelDraw,Ilustrator, Affinity, and other software available in any format including PNG.


The user just needs to drop the incoming file into the hot folder to convert or print it.

Automated Printing

Automatically prints incoming files on a specified printer or multiple printers at the same time

Seamlessly Batch Print Dozens of File Types

Supports all popular types of graphics including JPEG, PNG, pdf, tiff, Ai, PS etc

Flexible channels to output

Adopt the best print channel

Hot folder, virtual printer, API or Cloud print for point-to-group options are available. Adopt the best print channel based on your condition.

Smart HotFolders

The simplest way to automate routine printing

We have created a software tool that let you work with “HOT FOLDERS” and gives you complete control over your production workflow. Each job you or an administrator create has a corresponding Hot Folder that is automatically created. You have the power to customize a workflow that suits your needs, while the artisJet Workstation will do all the hard work for you, laying out over and over again, as many time as you need, for more customers and a faster speed.

Make your workflow really flow

Take full control on your orders with intuitive features

Job Management
Order adjustments . Order print preview

Make it easier for customers to send jobs, and for operators to submit those jobs to the print engine with the correct specifications. Have a better control and easily adjust your printing orders through intuitive features and interface icons, as well as print previewing.

UV light . Print setting . Ink setting Auto / manual printing . Effect setting
Tougher standard accuracy for specific print jobs Extended print head life (ink changing), Enjoy flexible and simple configuration direct from Settings dialog box. This gives you total control.
Nozzle check . Head Cleaning Ink Charging . Service Restart
Boost your workflow at the click of a button, in even the most complex production environment with automatic ink flow, ink cleaning and maintenance directly from artisJet Workstation 4.0, in quick simple steps, no manual supervision needed.
ACS(artisJet Command System), Time print estimates, Easy search exact order (new function to be expected in 5.0)
Speed up the printing process and avoid unnecessary manual operations.
Management support
Feedback reporting (new function to be expected in 5.0)
Manage your printer production efficiency and understand your ROI with mobile.


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