Just as coffee and chocolate go hand in hand, so does mugs and coasters

Custom Printed Coasters are a fantastic way to promote brands in a social environment.

Either is a crowded bar, pub, wedding, anniversary or a fundraiser, there’s no better way to reach a customer than through custom printed Coasters; it is guaranteed that they have it in their hands. Branding, happy hours, upcoming events and sponsorship added-values, the uses for drink coaster printing are endless.

Ideal support for outstanding brands



Promotional drink coasters do more than to protect surfaces if they are used to their full advertising potential! Custom printed coasters are an effective promo product to help advertise businesses, a new product launch or current promotion. Custom printed coasters are memorable gifts as well as great giveaways.



Personalized coasters can serve all the industries, all the social event or any occasion you sit on a table. If you want to advertise, or just to create a special moment for someone every day, artisJet can a good solution in helping you to be a part of all this kind of application.

artisJet personalized Coasters production solution

Looking up for more profits? Try coasters! Drink coasters do more than protect surfaces from glass rings and condensation. They are an excellent marketing tool for every business. Drink coasters are not just for restaurants, bars and breweries. Drink coasters are for everyone. Personalized printed coasters are a fun way to promote your business or event. Personalized coasters also can be used for celebrations such as fundraisers, birthdays, anniversaries or weddings.

Home based and start-up businesses

For small businesses, start-ups or growing businesses artisJet offers flexible solutions. This solution is easy to operate and offers a low running cost, therefore, a higher profit.


Small operational size

It only requires one computer PC and a working table.


Easy operation

Print directly from the computer software.

Mid-sized businesses

Fast productivity is to be maintained, as the mid-sized businesses already have their customer base. artisJet offer A3 and A4 sized productivity printing machine.

Choose the Best Printer for you

artisJet offers two professional LED UV printers, artis 3000 U and artis 2100 U. Both printers can meet the demands of printing direct to any substrate.


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