Spot Varnish Printing availability for glossy diamond effect and matte print finish

Braille Printing Program for ADA Compliant signs

Fast conversion from flat printing to cylindrical printing with ROT 360 degrees rotary technology

Variable Data Printing support

Direct printing on dark and transparent materials

Optimal for printing on both rigid and flexible substrates

Ideal for printing signage, packaging, decorations, bottle & cylindrical printing, posters, promotional items

custom travel items & luggage, candle printing to more


ACS Automatic Command System on demand

Automatic multiple copies print from Printing Task Queue

One button Full Automatic Height measurement

Optimal cost saving with the Cartridges Continuous Ink Supply System

Automatic error checking on boot with error reporting

Unique lateral loading architecture & simplified operation and maintenance

Built in liquid cooling control system

Printer customization service on demand

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Max printable card size: 50*70 cm
50 cards (5.4*8.6 cm) / 10 minutes / pass
Friendly cost: 0.008 $ / 5.4*8.6 cm card
Quantity print, no limit production
Supporting VDP direct print
On demand printing jigs



Different brands and ranks luggage supplies
Printing performance on any kind of material
Up to 25 cm max printing height
Wide flatbed as big as 500*700 mm
Various luggage sizes: 16", 20", 22" and 24"
Print resolution as high as 720*2880 dpi
Waterproof and UV sunshine proof artwork



Direct printing on any material
Low running cost as 0.032 $ / pc
6pcs / 7 minutes / pass Gradient vivid color printing
Printing height up to 100 mm
Direct to substrate color delivery



Flexible varnish printing options (gloss, matte, spot varnish)
High precision Spot UV LED varnish
Excellent protective quality print
Raised touchable effect for signage printing
Wide market applications



Direct print images, logos, texts, slogans etc.
High color adhesion and brightness on any bottle
All substrates and colors printing compatibility
Full 360 seamlessly jointed designs on bottles
Up to 22.5 cm cylinder diameter
Effective printing on standard cylindrical shape
Custom rotary jig upon printing demand



Raised dots printing on various applications
Substrate reliable UV LED printing techniques
Braille printing in one passes
Up to ADA / CA24 standards
Domed and rounded ink dropping shape
Inkjet height from 0.1 mm up to 10 mm
Strong colors and anti-scratches durability

Print speed   5 minutes for Full 50 * 70CM @ 720*720 DPI for 4 pass bidirection print mode
Printing technology   UV LED (Built in water cooling)
Ink    artisink DTST3-UV (KCMY+WWWW/KCMY+WW+VV)
Media Application Signage, packaging, decoration (wood printing, ceramics, glass, plastics, aluminum...etc...), posters, promotional items
  Media Size 530 x 820 mm (20.86 x 32.28 in)
  Thickness 250mm(9.84 in) (optional) and 100 mm (3.93 in)
  Rotary Print Optional On Demand artisJet ROT 360 degrees device
Printing Printing modes 4 pass(720*720 dpi)
8 pass(720*1440 dpi)
16 pass(720*2880 dpi)
  Print Size 500 * 700 mm
  Print Head Epson DX7 piezo electric printhead. Made in Japan
Connectivity Nozzles Variable dot size printing technology, starting from1.5 pl and up to 21pl
  Ports USB2.0 / USB 3.0
  Operating systems Windows
Dimensions Depth x Width x Height Printer 980 x 1060 x580 mm (38.58 x 41.73 x 22.83 in) standard edition
Shipping 1160 x 1180 x 760 mm (45.66 x 46.45 x 29.92 in)standard edition
Printer 980 x 1060 x 730 mm (38.58 x 41.73 x 28.74 in) HIGH PRODUCTION
Shipping 1160 x 1180 x 980 mm (45.66 x 46.45 x 38.58 in) HIGH PRODUCTION
Weight   Printer 190 Kg, Shipping 225 Kg
Content of the box   artis 5000U U, USB cable, Power cable, User manual book, washing and ink - joiner tools, spare parts package
Environmental ranges   10 - 35 °
Power consumption and requirements   AC100V~240V±10%, 0.5kVA
Certification   CE certified
Warranty   One year limited warranty

Flash On Ink Firing System

Intelligently powered by ArtisPrinters FOIF system, the artis 5000U printer electronically activates the UV LEDs when firing ink only. As a result, the life time of the printhead and the UV LEDs is maximized. FOIF also protects the entire ink system including the ink pump, the wiper, the damper, and the cap tops.

Continuous Ink Supply System

Unlike ink cartridges, this system allows for 100% utilization of available ink.

Unique lateral loading platform design

Unique design ensuring a better visibility of the output. Ideal for space constraints workplaces.

Control On Demand System

Designed for an enhanced flexibility and simplicity, brotherJet COD digitally controls the operation of the LED UV system. It automatically adapts to different materials and working environments. COD controls the UV Curing mode( Bi-directional, Uni-directional). This will result in delivering an optimal printing quality and drying time.

Safe Water Cooling Control System

Designed for operational extra safety and simplicity, brotherJet’s SWCC system is built on a digital industrial chilling system. It recycles 300ml of an industrial cooling liquid. The liquid level is visible and refillable on demand to avoid the wearout of the UV LEDs.

Self-automated printing height adjustment

Equiped with sensors to automatically adjust head height and reduce the print head strikes.

Gradient ECO UV LED Technology

Equipped with artisJet new UVGC2 UV LED clutter suppression Processor technology. The UV LED light wave varies from 365-395 and deliver the best print color durability by drying the prints in different layers.

Auto Cleaning Module

Extends the printer head life by running scheduled ink system cleaning and maintenance when the printer is idle for a period of time.

New Wave Pass Control Technology

Empowered by the wave print technology, the gradient feathering print functionality of artis 5000 U ensures the sharpness of the print output


artis 5000U artisJet 5000U, B2 LED UV Printer  


Product No. Description Ink Compatibility
DTS3 - 200-001 Cyan UV-LED Ink DTS3, 200ml artis 3000U, artis 5000U
DTS3 - 200-002 Magenta UV-LED Ink DTS3, 200ml artis 3000U, artis 5000U
DTS3 - 200003 Yellow UV-LED Ink DTS3, 200ml artis 3000U, artis 5000U
DTS3 - 200004 Black UV-LED Ink DTS3, 200ml artis 3000U, artis 5000U
DTS3 - 200-005 White UV-LED Ink DTS3, 200ml artis 3000U, artis 5000U
DTS3 - 200-006 Varnish UV-LED Ink DTS3, 200ml artis 3000U, artis 5000U
Cleaning agent Description  
BRCA-U-1000-001 Cleaning agent for LED UV inks, 1000 ml  
BRCA-U-500-001 Cleaning agent for LED UV inks, 500 ml  
BRCA-U-200-001 Cleaning agent for LED UV inks, 200 ml  
Fixing agent Description  
BRCA-U-1000-001 Fixing agent A/B liquids for UV LED inks, 1000ml  
BRCA-U-500-001 Fixing agent A/B liquids for UV LED inks, 500ml  
BRCA-U-200-001 Fixing agent A/B liquids for UV LED inks, 200ml  

Specifically designed for artisJet’s UV direct to print systems, ARTISRIP offers a simple and user friendly intuitive interface.

ArtisRip main features are

Layout platform

  • Layout editing platform, resize, mirror, text, color adjustment, color gamut check..
  • Raster and vector images support
  • Built in customizable print templates for printing pens, phone covers, lighters, wood cases, etc...
  • Previewing and smart nesting

Print Engine

  • Vivid color reproduction
  • Simultaneous printing to multiple print devices
  • Simultaneous White and CMYK printing
    • - Color then White print mode
    • - White then color print mode
  • Support for jpg, tif, bmp, png, ai and pdf image files
  • Color management engine base with ICC profiles support
  • Individual ink channel adjustment
  • Automatic white ink trapping
  • Feathering rendering mode (elliminates banding, enhances color transitions)
  • Direct printing from common graphic software.(CorelDraw, Photoshop, Autocad...)


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