Custom Power Bank Charger

Everybody use a mobile phone or a tablet these days.

And we are using them to do far more things than we used to. What is the result? We all need more power – just like every brand does. Custom printed charging devices is a way to keep every day with you a printed memory, a nice quote that will animate your day.

Opportunity and Challenge for Printing on Plastics



Corporate gifts and business gifts are a very efficient way to create awareness of a brand or products. These products have to be personalize with logo printing to inform the consumers of the gift of your company brand. The retention value of the gift is very much higher as compared to conventional promotional gifts. artisJet is able to provide one-stop service by personalize your power banks with prints depending on the shapes of the power bank and preference of the customers.



There are customers who required the logo branding or another personal picture to be permanently on the power bank. artisJet printing solutions is to be used because it can create long-lasting branding and memories on all the electronic power charger.

artisJet personalized power banks production solution

artisJet has been endeavoring to deliver the best production methods in the most easy way by core technologies to create the customized power banks with artisJet UV LED Technologies in a minute. With the unique artisJet UV LED print technologies, you can color all the mobile cases and apply 3D embossed textured result, regardless the material and the type of the model you use.

Home based and start-up businesses

For small businesses, start-ups or growing businesses artisprinters offers flexible solutions. This solution is easy to operate and offers a low running cost, therefore, a higher profit.

Small operational size

It only requires one computer PC and a working table.


Easy operation

Print directly from the computer software.

Mid-sized businesses

Fast productivity is to be maintained, as the mid-sized businesses already have their customer base. artisJet offer A3 and A4 sized productivity printing machine.

Choose the Best Printer for you

artisJet offers two professional LED UV printers, artis 3000 U and artis 2100 U. Both printers can meet the demands of printing direct to any substrate.


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