Personalized phone and pad cases and covers has become one of the main solutions for the printing industry developing at the same time with the boost of the electronics industry for smartphones, tablets and any kind of portable devices that requires protection.

Even there are so many clients with different smartphones and other mobile devices, when printing on mobile covers there is no limit for phone brands, model or designs.

Express your unique style while protecting your devices with custom mobile phone cases

Everybody needs and use a mobile phone today. They are our companions wherever we go, we love them and we practically can’t survive without them in today’s modern world. Being electronic devices mobiles are prone to get scratches if not handled in a secure way. To avoid this, custom mobile back covers are the perfect solution. The role of mobile covers is not only to protect your device, but also it’s a way to express your personality.

Opportunity and Challenge for Mobile Cases and Covers Printing



artisJet can give you all the equipment, materials, and all the training you need to be able to create a powerful business making beautifully designed phone cases in a few minutes. Starting a new business? Looking to add something new and exciting to your current business? With multiple selling channels, a highly perceived product value, there’s never been a better time to start a custom phone case business. Be part of what’s revolutionizing the mobile case marketplace worldwide.



You do not have to have a professional background for phone case printing, it is enough to know how to take pictures, how to adjust the photo size and how to run the print in few simple steps.

We have a whole range for you to choose from no matter the gadget you use. artisJet is here to help by offering the best result in personalized cases. Tablet and phone cases don’t have to be boring. And that’s where we come in.

Our machines can print on every material, with the same color output.

Main market applications for mobile cases and covers printing

artisJet understands the need for variety and fast production, and that is why has to offer solutions based on everyone’s capabilities and necessities.

artisJet supplies a wide range of phone covers for different mobile brands, Samsung, IPhone, HTC, Sony, LG, Huawei etc. for all the models and in different styles. The phone case materials can be leather, TPU, plastic, acrylic, glass, metal, aluminium, rubber and many others that are on the market.

TPU cases (thermoplastic polyurethane) are a combination of hard plastic and flexible silicone. It has a rubber like elasticity that allows it to be stretched to perfectly fit around the phones. They are perfect for full color printing perfectly preserving the photo quality.

Acrylic, plastic, glass and wooden cases are approved by artisJet UV LED testing and any artwork can be printed on the case with infinite originality achieving vivid and bright colors, anti-scratch resistance, water proof and durable printed samples.

artisJet understands the need for diversity and a personalized leather phone cover can be a unique gift. Whether it is a minimalist design or a complex one, artisJet LED UV printers offers instant curing of a digitally printed image, with LED UV ink flexible capabilities that adheres to the leather substrate flexibility, resulting into non-break prints.

Metal or aluminum cases can be the perfect accessory for a smartphone if printed with full designs, preserving the same quality for the final product in terms of color, UV and scratch resistance. This capability includes LED UV printing directly onto the original back cover of the phone itself without damaging the device.

The specialty about printing phone cases and phone covers with artisJet platforms is that the prints can be 3D textured and embossed. You can feel the texture on the phone case. With artisRIP software is easy to know how to emboss the portion that you want to be with raised colors in the design. Basically, you control what should be embossed and textured.

Varnish printing on phone and pad cases stands for the white ink capability which ensures that all the colors of cases can be printed directly, including white case, black case and transparent case. Due to the anti – static printing system, you can get clear prints and glossy finishes even on transparent materials.

Carved/hollow case printing can be achieved with high-resolution case decoration and rich, vibrant colors on to the surface of the case that resists scratches and prevents image from fading, rubbing off or blurring.

artisJet personalized phone and pad covers production solution

artisJet has been endeavoring to deliver the best production methods in the most easy way by core technologies to create the customized phone cases with artisJet UV LED Technologies in a minute. With the unique artisJet UV LED print technologies, you can color all the mobile cases and apply 3D embossed textured result, regardless the material and the type of the model you use.

Home based and start-up businesses

For small businesses, start-ups or growing businesses artisJet offers flexible solutions. This solution is easy to operate and offers a low running cost, therefore, a higher profit.

In order to get the highest level printing results, artisJet provides phone case trays. These are a kind of holders for keeping the covers on the printing table of the machines and it is mainly used for quantity printing for certain cases. But the tray is not a must for all the covers print. artisJet also brought a new product to keep your items in place: Efixer, a sheet with adhesive features.


Small operational size

It only requires one computer PC and a working table.


Easy operation

Print directly from the computer software.

Mid-sized businesses

Fast productivity is to be maintained, as the mid-sized businesses already have their customer base. artisjet gives you all the equipment and materials as well as the training to create a powerful business making beautifully designed, durable custom phone cases with time saving and cost effective printing production.

Choose the Best Printer for you

artisJet offers two professional LED UV printers, artis 3000 U and artis 2100 U. Both printers can meet the demands of printing direct to any substrate.


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